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Fast-changing weather conditions, sudden suppressing snowstorm, a bridge that starts to ice, and many natural phenomena that can make your beautiful journey risky.

ADES is a new generation technology that measures, evaluates, and informs you and the authorities about possible road and meteorological risks before facing any danger. Ades is the first and most important part of the intelligent road concept.

Ades constantly monitors, not only the meteorological situation around the road, but also the road surface temperature and freezing point. It is especially effective on fast and early frozen surfaces such as bridges and viaducts. Ades detects the freezing event as it is happening and sends alerts to reduces the speed of driving. Ades sends data to digital traffic signs before drivers arrive.

Ades follows meteorological conditions locally with micro stations. It combines measurements with the freezing point estimation on the road surface and marks the most risky points over digital maps before icing on the road.

Ades is a sensor combination that collects 12 different types of data. The system consists a decision support software including maps. Ades can be integrated with more than one external system such as mobile applications or smart road signs to increases the traffic safety on urban and intercity roads.

With Ades, we are making your journeys safer