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Content Square was created in 2012 at Paris France. And then opened their NewYork USA and London UK offices. CS is the Leader Solution about UX (USer Experience) for Web, Mobile and Native APPs analysis and optimisation. The POC can easily be done and the ROI can also be so clear to be seen. An American fund Canaan was invested 42M USD at January.2018 and CS became the leader.

Cegid Retail

Cegid is the leading software solution company of Retail Sales Sector (RETAIL - POS) worldwide. Founded in France in 1983, today the company has announced its name as the best in the industry.

Cegid serves more than 30,000 shops in 75 countries, more than 1,000 companies.


Oracle is the world's leading supplier of information management software, database technology and applications, and the world's second largest independent software company.

Oracle technologies are applicable in almost every sector, offering enterprise business technologies in Turkey as well as in the world with database, business applications, application development and decision support tools.


NET1 Technology has started to provide sales and after sales services of Navision ERP system which is included in Microsoft Dynamics product group with its ERP knowledge and experience .

With an important share in the development of today's technologies, Microsoft is the largest technology maker that drives technology with end-user-facing user-interface solutions, development tools provided by the technology on the kitchen side, and world-class expert staff.

NET1 Technology , we provide our customers with the sale and after sales services of Microsoft products as per the Partner Contract with Microsoft , and in today's competitive conditions we ensure that our customers work with the latest technology.

Logo - Netsis

Logo , which entered the sector in 1984 to develop application software for personal computers , is one of the biggest software organizations in Turkey. With the solutions, services and innovations it has produced, it has become the innovative leader of the software sector in Turkey.

Logo's 30 years of product development experience is pioneering the development of Netsis products with new technologies combined with the expertise of Netsis product development teams.

With NET1 Technology, expert team and financial power, NETSİS serves as a Corporate Solution Partner and makes a difference in the services offered by "SENIOR" consultants and "QUALITY SERVICE" mission.

Logo - IBM

The world's largest IT technology company. More than 410,000 employees work in more than 170 countries.

His areas of activity include computer and hardware production, software, service, server services and AR-GE. Every year in the world, the company receives the most new patents.

Offering hardware, software and service solutions to various institutions from various sectors, it has signed many breakthrough innovations throughout its 100-year history.