NET1 Technology has been established in 2011 to provide solutions to an effective work flow management.

With our software solutions developed using new technologies, we are providing long term solution partnership services to our customers.

We are offering our ERP, Business Intelligence, Human Resources, Mobile and Field applications, Future Estimations, E-Transformations, Hosting and cloud Solutions to our customers.

As mobile solutions are widely recognized, Net1 Technologies have become the first provider of mobile business applications in Tukey and provides research and development activities in enterprise business applications.

We are conducting solution partnership applications in information technologies sector with various national and international firms. We provide services for appropriate system selection with our expert team, creating and realizing high security strategies, ERP consulting, and consulting in enterprise, training, project management, business strategies and process.

Our most fundamental goal is to provide appropriate solutions in the active sector of the customer and become a reliable technological solution partner.

In today’s market conditions, application to increase the competitive advantage are gaining importance. The companies should meet he price, quality, service, and product versatility needs of customers, manage the costs in an optimal level and create management systems such as finance, accounting, human resources, upper management, decision supported system that can work integrated with strong purchasing, selling and distributing actions.

As Net1 Technologies, our enterprise solutions are designed to manage all sectors and companies in electronic commerce under the complex industrial production conditions of today and can adapt to constantly changing world and market conditions.

Our technological solutions and services will move your company forward faster compared to your competitors in the competitive sector.

Net1 Technology, Inc, Software, and ERP Consultancy services continues to be a company that provides added valued solutions and service provider. Net1 has a 5 year of history and although the company is young, the company has found a strong place in the sector with expert and experiences technical and software team.

Our main objective is to provide unconditional customer satisfaction as well as providing quality services and products to our individual and enterprise customers.

In the short period from the establishment of Net1 Technology, Inc, the company has become a serious and reliable firm in the sector. The reason for such a position is the value given to the customers and mutual satisfaction.

The company will provide the best services and customer oriented vision to be continuous in the sector.

Maintaining the quality, developing and economically meeting the customer demands have become indispensable for the manufacturers under the constantly changing and advancing world. Net1 Technology, Inc aims to develop product and/or service quality, delivery in correct time without any mistakes or errors to meet the expectations of the customer as well as creating customer satisfaction.

Under Net1, Inc all process are defined to cover design, sales and after sales services.

Quality Policy;
  • Providing quality and cost effective services with best engineering applications and according to customer requirements and sectoral developments.
  • Developing services and/or products in line with the feedback of the costumers.
  • Training, supporting, and supervising the personnel to provide best sales and after sales services for our products and services.