Diva Pos



The new generation application Diva Pos is ready for use in various sectors such as textile, publishing, glassware, consumables to east and speed up the daily business flows.

Diva Pos is ending any time loss and transforming the time to money with internet technologies. The sales process with friendly user interface covers all the stages and completed all the stages as fast as it can by directing the user.

Diva Pos introduces a new approach to merchandizing. You can define shops, products, customers, and promotions, sale, receive payments, return or change the products as well as apply gifts, discounts and change cheques with integrated Netsis desktop packages.

In other words, the data entered in the web interface are simultaneously processed in Netsis ERP.

Mağaza faaliyetlerini “merkez” ve “kasa” olarak ele alan Diva Pos, kullanışlı çözümleriyle yeni nesil cihazlarda (tablet bilgisayar, pc-pos, dokunmatik ekran, yazıcı v.b.) kolay, hızlı ve güvenilir çalışma imkanı sunuyor.

  • Access and working in the system from web browser without additional installation and hardware in the shops
  • Support the direct the user to the fastest flow
  • Simple and practical screens where users do not need training
  • New generation device support
    • Integration with tablet, pc-pos, printer, touchscreen, shared credit card pos and similar devices
  • Advanced product properties for different needs
    • Flexible and practical promotion defining screen
    • Gift cards, return cards and special discounts for special days (for example, shop opening)
    • Practical return and changing operations

Shop operations

  • Easy shop and safe monitoring
  • Authorizing the user within the shop
  • 3600 monitoring of the shop operations

Product operations

  • Document support (product profile and pictures, user manual etc.)
  • Classification and grouping with product tag management
  • Flexible pricing tracking
  • Outlet product support
  • Product balance monitoring in the centre and other shops
  • Exporting the products to Excel

Customer operations

  • Fast customer definition
  • Different type of customers (individual, entity, taxfree, diplomatic etc.)
  • Advanced customer search
  • Exporting the customer to Excel

Promotion definition

  • Filtering and exporting to Excel with easy product selection
  • Monitoring promotion information
  • Query of documented products for the appropriate promotion
  • Reporting convergent promotions
  • Reporting promotion efficiency
  • Defining promotions for different needs
  • Give away of the cheapest product within the product group
  • Discount, gift card or giving a product with 100% discount or with a constant price
  •  Buy two pay one type promotions
  • Buy two and the third product will have 20% discount type promotions
  • Price groups, discount or delay interest for payment method