This system calculates the monetary issues between the firms. The agreement correspondence is made on electronic environment instead of telephone, fax or postal services, current data can be uploaded to the system and the data uploaded by the other party can be accessed in an easy and fast way.


  • Saving and effectiveness in work force
  • Eliminates human errors
  • Agreements are made on electronic environment in a fast and easy way
  • Paper consumption is decreased
  • Provides archiving opportunities.
  • Provides control mechanism supervisions.
  • If the agreement conditions are not met, data can be transferred online to the other party and the firm can make online contributions.
  • All the process from e-mails to agreement are recorded and the communication between the firms are effective.
  • Compatible with all accounting programs.
  • Excel data can be used.
  • There is no limit in user number and agreement mailing number.
  • Bank statement can be shared online.
  • Agreements can be electronically signed and become official.