Google BigQuery



Enterprise Cloud Data Warehouse

BigQuery is the manageable, petabyte scaled, low-cost, and analytic data warehouse of Google. BigQuery doesn’t have any server. There is not a infrastructure to manage and you don’t need a database manager, therefore you can focus to analysing the data using the familiar SQL. BigQuery is a strong Big Data analytic platforms used by various enterprises including Fortune 500.

Speed and Scale

BigQuery can scan TB and PB in just a few seconds. To analyse your data in real time, upload the data to Google Cloud Storage or Google Cloud Datastore or publish with BigQuery. You can easily scale your database from GB to PB.

Incredible Pricing

BigQuery independently scales storage and computation and enable separate payment. It offers a flexible pricing to meet your needs. If you want to estimate the costs, you can select pay per operation or constant monthly price.

Security and Reliability

BigQuery automatically codes and multiplies the data to provide security, usability, and durability. You can protect your data using Google Cloud Identity and Access Management system structures and control ACL in a better way.

Partnerships and Integrations

Google Cloud Platform partners and third party developers can easily upload and process your data. For interactive visualization multiple integration with BigQuery is developed. Our business partners include Looker, Tableau, Qlik, Talend, Google Analytics, SnapLogic, and many more.