NET1 Technologies aim to be the leader firm in information technologies. Since the establishment, the firm works to understand and follow the information technologies around the world and in Turkey and create an added value in the information technologies sector with innovative solutions.

What do we do?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

This system is an integrated information system that encapsulates all the functions of an enterprise.

Store Management Systems

Comprehensive, International and Innovative Solutions

Business Intelligence and Big Data

You can monitor your data from User Friendly Smart Phones/Tablets/PC.

Budget Solutions

Define various features and realize your budget in a fast way.

Customer Relations Management

Whether you own a smart phone or a tablet, your control is between your fingertips.

Human Resources Management System

Everything you need to determine correct human resources and to direct these resources in line with your company objectives...

Personnel Attendance Control Systems

Control your personnel in the most effective manner.

Hosting and Cloud Solutions

Transfer to a real cloud infrastructure, decrease your costs and increase your productivity.

Enterprise Mobile Applications

Don’t you want to manage all the process and control all the actions within Distributors, Main Dealer, Sub dealer, Hardware Dealer, Craftsmen and other structures?

Enterprise Webpage Design

Your website is the window to the outer world.

Field Management Applications

Don’t you want to manage the field team from smart phones?

After Sales Service Applications

Know each detail and increase your quality. 

E-Transformation Projects

E-Invoice, E-Sheet, E-Archive, E-Agreement

Warehouse and Manufacturing Automation Systems

Don’t you want to use your warehouse as effective as possible?

Electronic Banking Applications

You can record your hundred lines of bank statement within a couple of minutes and you can record your one year bank statement within a couple of hours.

Call entre Support Systems

Our expert team offers a ISO quality standard services in call centre services.

Success Stories

Success Stories

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Retail Sector Specific Solution for Your Sales Processes

Perakende Yönetimi

Retail Management

Store Management Systems

İş Zekası ve Veri Madenciliği

Business Intelligence and Data Mining

Qlikview - Analyzer

Corporate Resource Planning

Netsis ERP

İnsan Kaynakları Yönetim Sistemleri

Human Resources Management Systems


Barındırma ve Bulut Sistemleri

Barındırma ve Bulut Sistemleri

Google Cloud - Sky Atlas

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