Logo CRM



Creating Enterprise Memory

You can easily define current and potential customers, dealers and suppliers, group these and cerate offers for the selected firm/individual.

Mobile Add-in

The effective and simple design of Logo CRM Mobile has all the properties of role and security layers to do all your work. No matter where you are you can easily create offers and opportunities with Mobile Add-in and view the customers and their opportunities on the map with the nearby property. You can view the debt amount of the customers with Logo ERP integration and access the inventory of the products.

Outlook Add-in

You can integrate e-mails with logo CRM and Outlook Add-in will give an easy access to the CRM records of the sender. You can access all the data you need without changing between applications and losing time.

Collecting All Documents and Agreements in One Place

The system will help you to access, manage and report all collective e-mails, related documents, e-mails, agreements and after sales satisfaction/complaint records from a single platform.

Time Management

The system works synchronized with MS Exchange and MS Outlook. With enterprise CRM agent that can be customized in daily-weekly-monthly and yearly basis you will have an effective management and reporting mechanism of the sales team and after sales team activities, route management, meeting and visiting plans.

Document-Customer Matching

You can create main files and sub-files as much as you can. These files will keep the documents, templated scanned version of an original signature document, and necessary company documents (word, excel, pdf, sketch or picture) You can match these documents with customers, meeting records, offer and opportunity reports, and after sales service records. This will enable you to view which document belongs to which customer.

Activity Management

You can record the all route visits to current and potential customers by the sales and after sales teams and report these information using pivot table property. Additionally, the memory of your company will be supported as you will have the records of which subject was debated with which customer and what was the details of the visit.

Customer Management in s Single Screen

You can follow sales opportunities, projects and bids in single screen. The system will help you to monitor and manage who did an operation in which opportunity and when did this operation was done, the detail of the meetings, the price offer in the order and related documents and e-mails.

Offer Preparation Process Properties

You can easily form your offers with special areas, views and templates. The system enables a more flexible offer process with previous price control, optional offer, alternative offer and product matching options. The offer approval processes can be configured differently depending on your needs. Momentary current account risk limit and the amount in the inventory calculations that are automatically done by the Logo software database will minimize the “human related errors”.

After Sales Process Management

The system will help you to manage customer satisfaction-compliant processes, technical support processes with customizable “Support Centre” options or manage the call centre processes that can be integrated with your IP central.

Full Integration with ERP Solutions

The instant integration of Logo and Netsis series products will enable to monitor customer current account bank statement, order statements, and risk limits. Moreover, there are options to control the inventory of the products instantly and automatically transfer the offers that transformed into sales to order or dispatch list with ERP solutions