After the 2008 Electronic Invoice Record system and the following E-Invoice, E-Sheet and E-Archive invoicing processes, a supervision layer consisting of certified expert supervisors is created to control the electronic documents.

The supervisor can revisit the documents and invoices in 5 years period.

The balance sheet created today can be revisited and supervised in 2022. All previous electronic documentation is included in this supervision.

The easy of electronic supervision or supervision with automatic algorithms create an inevitable preliminary audit.

To make sure these digital documents are correct and compliant with legal acquis and minimize the errors, E-Supervision solution NET-DENETİM developed by NET1 can conduct tax and accounting audited before submitting the documents. Thus, the errors in tax payer documents can be determined and corrected before uploading to GİB. Possible tax penalties, additional penalties due to incorrect records and damaging the company is prevented.

Accounting rules, tax exemptions, electronic documents subjected to preliminary audit under Turkish Law of Commerce and inconstancies in your balance sheet are included.

NET-DENETİM is a web based program and there is no need for installation.

The electronic balance sheet files (XBRL) are uploaded to the system and preliminary audit is done by NET-DENETİM.

The results of preliminary audit show the Errors and Mistakes and you can analyse these results.

You can create analytical reports about monetary processes of your business under legislations. Also, you can report Income Tables and Libra and Balance Sheets, view Electronic invoices, control E-Sheet signatures, and export E-Sheet Ledger, Daily Wage, and Franchise Files to Excel and PDF format.

You can access all the reports from all mobile devices and easily analyse with just few clicks.