Net Swift



The bank statements in Swift format are transfer to ERP system. You can record your hundred lines of bank statement within a couple of minutes and you can record your one year bank statement within a couple of hours. Banking transaction such as wire, cash, cheque collection , virement, mortgage payments, mortgages are automatically imported. The banking statement is automatically downloaded online in daily or hourly basis. It is compatible with various banks.


  • Current account and receipt type for wire transactions is automatically selected.
  • The related cheque in cheque collection is automatically selected.
  • Instalment and interest/capital amount is automatically selected.
  • Cost and interest rates are selected by accounting code program.
  • Bill payments, banking charges, OGS payments are automatically collected.
  • Virment receipts between banks are automatically find.
  • Group wire transactions are automatically matched from bank statement.
  • All the transactions before ERP system are marked and repeating records are prevented.
  • Automatically transaction can be made in pre-determined periods.
  • Payment plan is automatically created in mortgage payments with instalment.
  • Accounting codes are automatically arranged for the changing instalment.
  • Excel bank accounts and POS bank statements can be transferred.
  • The program can work autonomously. Bank statements can be downloaded and exported without user intervention.