We are adding value to people who want to know about NET1 products and be in the business world. Net1 Academy is organizing trainings to the people who want to have training about the applications and who want to pursue a career.

We are providing our training by the manufacturer certified trainers and we are offering additional free training if the students choose different subjects other than their program.  At the end of the training periods we organize an examination and issue a “Net1 Approved Certificate” to the successful students.

Net1 Academy is the most reliable and strong training institution in the sector that provides internationally accepted certification opportunities to course attendees.

The foundation is built on employment and efficiency and the training is compatible with new technologies in Turkey.

Net1 Academy Training Centre is acknowledging in the sector and the references and support of the expert trainers will help the students to have a strong entrance to the business world.

These trainings place our students to a “wanted individuals” in the business world. The academy has a strong position in the sector with education contents that are compatible with mission and vision of the academy.

Net1 Academy Training Centre continues the Research and Development work by increasing the training quality and leading the training sector.

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