This is a mobile software solution that provides an unconventional analysis opportunities in field sales and customer visits.

NFC and GPS technologies are used simultaneously and can be traced with 100% accuracy.

The system can work independently from Internet connection and there is no need for Internet connection in orders and payments.

It has a simple and user friendly interface.

The drag and drop technology is adopted to complete the order in the shortest amount of time when dealing with the customer.

Route Management

Does the team access to preset location and follow the route according to plan?

Task Duration

How much time is spent to Service/Sales? Are there any improvement opportunities and increase the productivity?

Task Completion / Order

How much is the endorsement for the net duration for the service or sales? Can it be proportionally increased with service quality?


Can critical data be obtained during visits? For example, did you like the last fair you have attended? How can we increase our sales with promotions?

Online Data Processing

CRM data collected from the customer can be instantly processed. B promotion in A region has increased the orders in C amount. This promotion was ineffective in other regions.


Reports to direct the management should be created. Although Y salesperson in X region increased the endorsement, payments have decreased. Optimum visiting duration is T, you shouldn’t exceed the time or fall behind the time.