Netsis ERP



While the enterprise optimizes sales, purchase, logistic, production, planning, financial management, management accounting processes using classical enterprise resource planning applications, they need an application to unite the customers, suppliers, and themselves in an electronic environment.

Netsis Standard is developed to meet the medium scaled industrial needs in the production sector with financial and accounting applications, customer relations management, supply chain management, forward production planning applications.

Netsis Standard can meet the various needs of enterprises with modular structure. The system is distinguished with foreign languages, simultaneous multiple users, multiple currencies, and international accounting standards.

The system enables integrated and modular working opportunities for the enterprises with multiple branches in Turkey and in other countries.


Netsis supports to move the business process on electronic environment and is a leader in transition to e-Invoice (electronic invoice) and e-Sheet (electronic sheet).

Customer Relations Management

NetCRM is a Customer Relations Management application. The system has all the data and functions you need to manage field operations and provide customer satisfaction.

Supply Chain Management

Can you manage the supplier information) Can you control planning, supplier orders, dispatch lists, billing, quality control and acceptance to warehouse?

NetHR Human Resources

As other resources in the company’s life cycle, you need to determine, position, and direct human resources effectively in line with the objectives of the company.

Financial Management

Although how each function operates in a healthy and effective manner, if your financial management is weak, your enterprise cannot be completely successful. Can you manage your costs correctly?


Can you control your team and counter performances? Can you integrate with your planning? Are your production records up-to-date? Are your material stocks under control? How many of the business orders are open?

Enterprise is the most comprehensive version of Netsis series and the system enables integrated and modular working opportunities for the enterprises with multiple branches in Turkey and in other countries.

Netsis Enterprise provides solutions ranging between businesses with 10 users to multi-business enterprises with 500 users. Enterprise/holding logic, Oracle database support, multiple language support, line-based security application, enterprise report and business intelligence properties, distinguishes Enterprise from other products.

The enterprise business solutions of Netsis Enterprise can be viewed in the sub-headings.

While the enterprise optimizes sales, purchase, logistic, production, planning, financial management, management accounting processes using classical enterprise resource planning applications, they need an application to unite the customers, suppliers, and themselves in an electronic environment. Netsis Standard is developed to meet the medium scaled industrial needs in the production sector with financial and accounting applications, customer relations management, supply chain management, forward production planning applications.

Netsis Standard can meet the various needs of enterprises with modular structure. The system is distinguished with foreign languages, simultaneous multiple users, multiple currencies, and international accounting standards.

Netsis Standard provides services to businesses with 3 users to medium scaled industrial businesses with 40 users.

The enterprise business solutions of Netsis Standard can be viewed in the sub-headings.

Entegre.Net is a solution for middle scale firms and business processes are integrated to take advantage o the new technologies. Additionally, the flexible structure and easy installation of Entegre.Net provides a practical solution for all your needs in the business world.

The context of Entegre.Net of Netsis series is as;

  • Customer Management system,
  • Following order-delivery stages in sales cycle,
  • Supplier management, order-merchandise stages in purchasing cycle,
  • Material flow, storage, operation, inventory, production, shipping-delivery-billing operations in the business,
  • Following the current accounts with cash, check/note, credit card, bank transactions in finance,
  • Accounting integration, end of period pricing, single layout account plans, official sheets, financial statements,
  • Human resources pay check operations,
  •  Fixed asset follow-ups,
  •  Wide range of reporting obtions, support system, easy to use and secure structure.

Do you consider channeling your sales power to acquiring new customers rather than collecting the orders of the current customers? What is your response to “online order” demands of your dealers?

These two questions point out the following core concept: “How can you better manage your sales channels?”

NETSIS Channel Management Module provides the best solutions for supporting industry manufacturing activities with e-commerce, media, retail, and wholesale. Additionally, you can have these services as a package and the system promises a high performance in order, sales, and payment. NETSIS is highlighted in B2B market as an active player and since the system can integrated work with third part products, it is preferred for the modules, solutions, and support products.

Many firms that work with a comprehensive dealer network and has large product-price lists prefer NETSIS Channel Management Module. Our customer firms adopted the flexible and user friendly modules to their systems by customizing for the special projects.

B2B module is primarily used by book and record distributers, pharmaceutical warehouses, spare part firms in automotive sector, food producers, and retailers.

If you are a SME or over SME capacity firm, B2B module with scalable flexible architecture can be integrated in NETSIS Standard and NETSIS Enterprise.

  • Technical Details.
  • Compatible with SQL 2012.
  • Web application, IIS 7 and higher
  • Works with Windows XP and higher operating systems.
  • Works with updated versions of Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera, and Safari web browsers.
  • Work integrated with at least one of the NETSIS Standard and NETSIS Enterprise ERP software.
  • Output files compatible with MS Office Word, Excel 2003, and higher versions
  • E-mail support with SMTP server
  • SMS support


Now we should take a closer look to NETSIS Channel Management Module that contributes to marketing activities:

  • You can increase your promotion power.
  • If you are working in 24/7 active digital publishing sector, you can take advantage of the cheapest and fastest solutions that cannot even be compared to traditional publishing sector.
  • You can eliminate the distances to promote your products and services.
  • You can publish your promotions in preset hours.
  • You can update your content as long as you can access to your website.
  • You can more directly communicate with your users, and automatically use social media when you are promoting your services and products.
  • Each business that is interested in your product and services can be a potential dealer.
  • You can decrease the labour costs for the orders.
  • You can minimize the errors when you are taking an order.
  • The dealers can pay 24/7 with credit cards.
  • Credit card can increase your payment performance and you can save on the payment costs. You can easily implement and manage demand > ordering > payment processes from the website.

Can you manage the supplier information? Can you control planning, supplier orders, dispatch lists, billing, quality control, and acceptance to warehouse?

While the businesses work on following the innovations under the economic conditions and try to increase the customer feedbacks, they are also facing the stress of decreasing the costs. Additionally, this stress will never eliminate the desire to be the best.

The firms taht cannot address the above questions, will face with various issues in the business world. The best way to address these questions is to adopt integrated systems.

Supply Chain Management of Netsis series combines you and your suppliers in an effective e-collaboration and provide the information flow from the supplier to the customer to be in a shared electronic environment.

All components of supply chain in the e-collaboration environment provides an integrated information flow between the parties. This environment additionally plans, realizes, and assists all the supply chain.

Supply and Production

The most effective information flow between the main firm and suppliers in supplier chain applications are conducted with electronic portals. All the firms in the production sector provide weekly and monthly supplier orders and apply daily plans. Some of these orders are become definite in the planning stages and the remaining part is arranged in the future dates.

The suppliers should use these portals to provide the demanded amount shipping to the main industry and should record and update these electronic plans to their system and business plans. The supplier integrates the plans from the portal to their own system, and after they completed their planning process, they determine their purchase requirements.

The suppliers can publish the plans to their sub-suppliers using the portal. Therefore, the orders are transferred to the lowest segments of the supplier network.

Supplier-Producer portal provides the opportunity to take the published orders, transmit information during planning, production, and shipping processes and transfer information in an electronic and integrated way in the payment activities.

Inventory Management

Netsis Inventory Management series controls your inventory. The leakages, missing, or excessive inventory is prevented and the exact location of each material in the inventory is determined.

The inventory management system of Netsis will provide you convenience to simultaneously monitor the operations:

  •  The entrance of the goods to the business with dispatch list and/or invoice,
  • Transfer between warehouses or business branches and within the business,
  • Storage remaining balance follow up will not be a burden with production disbursement and other warehouse entrance/exit operations.

You will have the opportunity to monitor inventory, circulation between warehouses, disbursement and exit motions in a detailed location/balance manner as the resource operations are automatically created.

The system will also offer an account in debit control during each transfer.

Meet the “Dynamic Warehouse” Concept!

Elimination of bounding obstacles in the inventory is the most attractive property of the system. The location flow system called “dynamic warehouse” provides you various benefits:

“The product is always in the pre-determined location in the warehouse” notion in the classical warehouse follow disappears. Thus, you can stock your goods in different locations of the warehouse. You can effectively and efficiently use your warehouse area and redesign your inventory area.

Special Barcode and RFID options for Inventory Classes

Automation is done with Barcode and RFID System in all operations. You can benefit from the unlimited barcode definition property of the system and print individual barcodes for purchasing, inventory applications or sales applications and established integrated systems.

Stockbar Module supports different barcode printers. You can design the necessary amount of barcode tags for the current prices of the goods during receiving or warehouse motions and print these barcodes.

This flow is also supported with e-collaboration property. When you are doing these operations, you can inform your supplier and customers via automatic e-mail and sms.

Quality Control

NTM (Netsis Transfer Module) covers other benefits for your business: If you are using hand units in inventory operations such as tracking, receiving, production, you can easily document the data in the main system using NTM.

Make Yourself Comfortable: Inventory Price System

Inventory Price System helps to create four purchase and sales prices for each goods as well as foreign currency purchase and sales prices. You can create purchase and sales prices for goods, customers, and buyers, you can purchase and sell from these lists and automatically create new lists from old lists.

Your prices will be up-to-date with the benefits of Netsis Enterprise. Since you can access various price lists, you can answer all the questions of the customer without losing any time.

Eliminate the Drudgery Inventory Job

Can you balance the remainder on the computer and physical remainder with appropriate pricing management and process inventory in goods and warehouse basis?

Netsis provides additional benefits for this job.

Systems within Netsis determines the periodical physical goods and increases the control when there is a difference between the computer data and real inventory.

As you can practically conduct your inventory operations, you can minimize time, labour, and work force loses in the physical counting. You will have decreased downtime in your operations and since the differences are balanced according to legislations, your real goods will be effective.

Additionally, you will always have the control: With series and lot following, you can trace entrance, disbursement, semi-finished product, and product.


In information flow system sales or purchase records after the demand-offer stage is completed with shipping or dispatch lists and invoice operations.

Due to the physical location of the organization, if the centre and the shipping unit are in separate locations, shipping order is issued and loading command is given to the shipping vehicle. Order, shipping order, loading order, dispatch lists, and invoices always rely on the information of the previous step.

Get ready for other follow-up advantages of the system:

The benefits of Netsis is as follows: You can automatically create all the documentation for these operations. You will control all the shipping and delivery information as well as additional cost records.

You can follow the legislation differences and foreign currency operations in export and import applications.

All the operations in exporting such as recieving the goods, customs closure, partial closure, reflecting the costs, automatic exporting operations, proforma invoice collocation and calculating costs for the export type are automatically recorded in the integrated systems.

This flow is also supported with e-collaboration property. When you are doing these operations, you can inform your supplier and customers via automatic e-mail and sms.

Can you control your team and counter performances?

Can you integrate with your planning?

Are your production records up-to-date?

Is your material inventory under control?

How clear is your work orders?

In the production processes the first question that comes into mind are about control, up-to-datedness, integration, and sufficiency.

If we look at this question, the following fundamental concepts are visible: Team, Planning, Production, Material, and Job.

When you need full control in the production processes, you can define complex product trees with Netsis Production Module. Also, you can follow the alternative usage of material disbursement, semi-finished product inventory, wastage, and scrap and all operations about work orders.

Additionally, you can have a real time tracking in the factory with estimated cost, barcode, and RFID system integration and have a comprehensive solution to cover workbench maintenance management as well as other operations.

Product Cycle

Harsh market conditions, increased costs, changes in the key players of the market and technological advancement change the product trees. The change in the product trees will be followed by revision in bills of products. In this situation, your firm will inevitably adopt to critical changes as a result of changes in the product life cycle.

You can realize these changes to the product treei create transient template from old product trees for emergency solutions and move forward in your capacity planning using the Netsis Product Cycle Module.

Module also provides alternatives in addition to main functions above. The product will help you to develop innovative policies with the flexible structure for the changing products and automatically determine the best suitable substitution for your alternative policies. Additionally, alternative analysis in the module will help you to optimally use the materials.

With these properties, you can store pictures, drawings and procedure notes of the engineering work and determine the product costs.

Meet with Product Configuration

The Product configuration will provide easy and flexible application where customization is high in product trees and routes. The system will assist you to diversify the products according to customer demands.

With Netsis Product Configuration, you can configure a modular product structure and create product options to meet the requirements of the customers and customize the products for the orders.

Using the configurator, you can create products and product trees, change the current products, and derive new products. All these operations can be practically and rapidly done with hold-drag-release technique. Since the changes in the product tree will also effect the bill record, you don’t need to change the bill of the product.

When a new product is created or a current product is changes on Netsis Product Configuration, new design is recorded with a template code. The user can present this for authorization approval or directly transmit without approval. System will notify the pre-determined authorization users via e-mail. The authorization personnel can change the product tree, open an inventory record for new components and confirm the template. The inappropriate templates are rejected and the process is completed.

Other Properties:

  • When the product is configured, the constant elements that are demanded on the customer side can be marked and these components are defined as “invariable” on the product tree.
  • The modular structure is implemented for an easy product configuration process. Thus, after the product groups are defined, the goods are matched with the groups. The interchangeable products are defined as “substitution material groups”.
  • “Inventory codes” are matched with substitution material groups and properties and values are defined for each inventory. For example, the property is defined as “colour” and value is defined as “red” and these definitions are assigned to inventory with the same property and value. Thus, when a product is created for the demands of the customer, the authorization personnel can clearly see the definitions.
  • The configuration rules can be easily defined and the compatibility of the product changes are automatically controlled by the system. The system eliminated all the false product definition possibilities. For example, the change of substation material group on the product tree are limited and all the interventions in this field are restricted.
  • The bill of the product can be viewed in Product Configuration screen. Inventory record can be created on the Product Configuration for new goods and semi-finished goods.

Quality Control

The main objective of quality management is to meet the demands of the customers and achieve the highest product-service quality. Quality management is designed to support all logistic supply chain processes from daily operations to long term strategic planning.

The system will help you in every stage: You can record the material in the purchasing process, semi-finished and end products in production stage and services and products in the after sales stages. Quality control system works integrated with production system.

Production Flow Control

You should know the slightest delay in the factory to comply with the production schedule. Which machine stopped during which operation? What was the malfunction? Which personnel was operating the system? You need answer these questions within minutes.

Are you training plans in the right course? Can you measure the training costs and positive contribution to the team?

With Netsis Production Flow Control, you can simultaneously monitor the all production activities. You can get data from barcode and RFID technologies or directly from the machines and provide constant information flow with automation systems.

Netsis Production Flow Control Modules process workbench operations as well as product-production records per worker. You can record the downtime, malfunctions, wastage, fluctuations in the production performance and worker timekeeping and have the data for the cost accounting.

Create a common planning language with the most suitable system for your business.

When can you deliver?

Can you respond this question without any hesitation?

We are really sorry, we are late...

Are using this sentence regularly?

We need to make the purchasing by plane due to material shortage...

Is there are problem in the purchasing process?

Workbenches are empty but why is delivery delaying?

Can you figure out what is wrong in production-delivery chain?

You need to take precautions for order revisions of the main firm...!

Are tired of short term solutions?

Planning is the core value in the industry. Each manufacturer desires a problem free and continuous planning functions. They want the suppliers to provide the most compatible and suitable planning systems.

They know that the success of supply chain is to create a common language and competence between the systems.

When we look from the business perspective, fundamental planning applications are Main Production Planning, Capacity Planning, Material Requirement Planning and Advanced Production Planning. If we take average consumption calculation that are used in retail and distribution sectors as basis, we cannot overlook the Replenishment algorithms.

  • Main Production Planning
  • Capacity Planning
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Advanced Production Planning /Tabulation/Workbench Loading)
  •  Replenishment

Select the Most Effective Approach

The main approaches adopted by the businesses in planning applications can be divided into two:

Simple Production: Less software is used and product groups are the basis.

Mass Production: Business orders and workbench groups are the basis.

If we accept that these two approaches are often combines, Netsis adopt both trend equally. When we are creating planning software, we are providing hybrid applications and approaches.

Main Production Planning

These modules optimize the period between budget estimations to production plan and works in two stages:

Estimation Operations

The aim is to provide the best estimate amounts by considering the data and fluctuations of the previous periods. The system takes the pre-determined previous period as basis and applies statistical modelling and crate estimate amount/price of sales. If you want you can combine various methods in estimation or use multiple methods. Additionally, the estimations can be graphically represented and you can decide on the most suitable methods.

Balancing Production Plan

Each correct estimation will provide you many benefits in creating a balanced production plan.

The production plan is created according to sales amount and customer orders in a certain period, minimum/maximum inventory values, batch sizes, and raw capacity. Thus, current Available To Promise values are achieved.

The main objective in balancing the production plan is to eliminate all the issues related with short-coming/excessive inventory and control the promised amount from the current customer orders and estimations. This control will give you the ability to give an exact delivery date and meeting the demands.

Capacity Planning

The aim is to compare the requires resources in certain period of production plan and current resources that will be used in the production processes and determine possible solutions to monetary issues or how to use the current idle capacity. Capacity Planning Module provides you an optimum production plan creation as well as optimized resource use.

Prepared for Different Scenario

This module will give you the opportunity to manually intervene to numbers during the production plan and analyse the corresponding outcomes.

Use Your Resources Efficiently

You can balance your resource use with cause and effect scenarios and take critical precautions for monetary issues, labour-shift programming, additional workbench use and contract manufacturing.

Schedule Your Personnel and Shift Plan

You can introduce official holidays, personnel leaves, shift durations, simultaneously working workbenches in the same shift into systems of the factory and business stations. You can design the working schedule and maximize your capacity planning.

Use Your Work Force Efficiently

You can separately make definitions for the number of worker, machine capacity, shift schedule, and cost information and effectively plan your work force.

Can you manage your costs appropriately? Do you know the profit per customer? Do you have monetary shortage? Do you need credits? How much is the monetary burden of the payment delays? No matter how well all your functions work, if your financial management is weak, it is hard to be successful as a enterprise. And in the harsh business environment, you can fall behind all the competitors.

Financial Management solutions by Netsis includes a high variety of applications such as current accounts, cheque, note, cash payments and settlement operations, bank account management, material purchase, workmanship costs, depreciation, and general expenses.

Current Accounts

Accounts are tracked with Aging Lists and Special Balancing methods. Aging Methods applies the first payment for first loan (or the opposite) to follow open accounts, delays, and delay interests. Special Balancing function matches the loan record with payment record and offers a manual intervention.

Aging Lists work with various algorithms and supports Special Balancing method with delay date, acceptable payment date, interest calculations, invoice based payment/delay information.

You can automatically create, control, and edit the payment plans with the properties of the system. You can also use online banking transactions.

Financing Report is the core control mechanism that show all payment, loans, cheque payments, cash and banking conditions.

System also provides dividing the payment/loan records into fixed dates. You can determine payment plans based on accounts.

With settlement operations, you can automatically transmit the transactions results to the related parties via post, e-mail, and sms.

E-Sheet / E-Invoice

What is e-Sheet Application?

e-Sheet is a legal and technical document that is preparing, recording the standard balance sheets subjected to Tax Procedure Law and Turkish Law of Commerce under stated format and shape and guaranteeing the inalterability, integrity, and the correctness of the resource.

At the beginning, daily wage and ledger are projected to be in the e-Sheet format.

If a tax payer desires to apply e-Sheet, the tax payer should have a approved software (As Netsis, our e-Sheet applications is approved by Revenue Administrations).

How does e-Sheet application works?

  •  E-Sheet files are issued according to stated standards and format.
  • The e-Sheet file is sealed (legal entities) or signed (real entities). (This file must be kept as the balance sheet after tax payers charter. E-Sheet charter is required for this file to be accepted as balance sheet.)
  • Charter file is created from the certain information on the sealed or signed e-Sheet file.
  • Charer file is sealed or signed and packed.
  • This package is uploaded to e-Sheep Application on
  • Charter file is sealed with financial seal of the Revenue Administration and opened to the access of the owner of the sheet.
  • The open access e-Sheet charter or sealed e-Sheet file will be kept in an electronic environment.

e-Sheet Application Process

  • Obtaining electronic certificate (e-signature) for real tax payers,
  • The legal entity tax payers should have the permission to use the electronic invoice and Financial Seal should be obtained,
  • A software with compatibility approval is required,
  • Information and documents on should be filed and send to Revenue Administration.

Bank Transactions

With Netsis Bank Module, you can follow rotative, spot credits, dated and undated deposits, repo and time deposit accounts with Central Bank codes and international SWIFT codes and make all your transactions automatic.

While verifying your banking transactions on the system, you can calculate interest and commisions as well as BSMV cuts. All the transactions from your Contractual Banks can be monitored online and you can export to the system with file transfer.

Export Application

This application collects all per export documents about export operation ranging between offer, order, packing list, dispatch list, proform, and main invoice and provides an easy management for all the operations.

Additionally, all documents and papers containing the additional expenses can be attached to the same file and you can design multiple papers for your needs.

Import Application

Expense distribution transaction during import closure is supported with different methods. A different method for each expense is applicable. For example, an expense for the weight of goods and an expense for goods can be distributed.

Goods exported with internal transaction papers can be followed and warehouse tracking (sectional export) is supported.

To increase the speed of business process in the global business world and to outscore your competitors, Netflow information sharing and process management will eliminate the time loss.

NetFlow is fundamentally plays a role to transfer accurate and secure information. The system is designed to increase the communication speed in Netsis customer relationship management, supply chain process and between the different departments of the company. Thus, production, planning, logistic, finance, and administrative processes can be transferred to electronic environment. NetFlow is web-based therefore you can work like in your office as long as you have internet connection.

NetFlow will unite the different business flow process in single platform. Customized special form design, independent documentation from the current work and sharing with business approval will increase the business flow process performances and process speed. This new product will contribute to the supervision of the in-house processes and is designed to manage the documentation flow. NetFlow transfers your processes to electronic environment. While you are doing the automation of business processes, you will achieve increase in performance, decrease expenses, and use all the resources in an effective way.

There are many reasons to choose NetFlow:

You can design your own screens and flows, you can transfer documents and forms to electronic environment and include flow and approval system.

With the integration possibility with Netsis applications, you can combine various Netsis applications such as ERP, NetCRM and NetIKS with the processes to create a single flow or you can use the system separately.

The advance technological properties of NetFlow will inform you at every step of the processes, work on the background or give/transfer information to different applications.

You can easily move your business processes on electronic environment for fast and error-free work and increase your productivity.

Improve your business processes by viewing the visuals of your processes.

Change the designed forms as you desire, implement new forms, show your dynamism independently.

Enhance your department integration as your document traceability, accessibility, and distribution increases.

Let NetFlow manage your scheduled tasks. Each task you desire will be automatic and you can easily track and report everything you need.

The tracking of critical processes will be easier. Control your processes and make everything clear.

The most important thing is you can access the new technology and new generation software architecture under the warranty of 22-year-old Netsis. Your system will increase the abilities with constant innovations and you can look forward.

Netsis offers “Netsis B2B” solutions to transfer your orders online and work independently from the office. This solution can be used on tablet computers as well as personal computers. You will not be restricted with work hours and geographical conditions and effectively manage current dealers and sale persons to provide “delivery right on time” warranty to the customers.

Netsis B2B eliminates all the e-mail, telephone, and fax traffic and offers a direct access to dealer and sales person orders and payment information.

  • Receive your order anytime anywhere with Netsis B2B Solutions.
  • Instead of receiving the orders via telephone, fax, or e-mail, receive from Netsis B2B system to increase your order coverage ratio and speed. Eliminate the errors in the orders.

This web based system provides an opportunity to immediately transfer the field data to the system and can further define as production or supply order. Thus, dealers can access to special payment methods, interest, commission rates on credit cards with just a few clicks, monitor the current account bank statements and follow the order status. The sales persons can also monitor the account and order status of the dealers and order for the dealers.

The firms with Netsis B2B supply and order process automation will have the opportunity to be included in the global supply networks.

The companies that manage the order process with Netsis B2B will eliminate all the risks compared to companies without an automation system and minimize all the negative impacts of mistakes or delays in the delivery.

  • Netsis B2B is a channel where you can compare and view the orders, payment, and announcements of the dealers and sales persons for 24/7.
  • Offer various advantages to your dealers for different purchase amount, payment plans, and needs.

Netsis B2B solution can also be customizable. Screenshots like my cart, order summary and user behaviour can be customizable. The user can add special pages on the application according to their way of work. The application provides a technical infrastructure to integrate the third-party applications. Thus, the businesses can integrate their special business processes into the system.

Logo Ming provides a real time and multi-dimensional analysis opportunity. With modern user interface, flexible architecture and scalable pricing policies, the system provides a web-based and comprehensive business intelligence solution.


Interactive Reporting

With interactive reporting, employees in the different units can work on the same report and quickly generate a report.

Simultaneous User Structure

The structure designed for simultaneous users enables to work on the application simultaneously.

Big Data

Nowadays the biggest competitive advantages for data oriented firms is the “Big Data” anaylsis.


With basic and user-friendly “dashboards” you can easily analyse the data.

Data Integration

With simple data integration, you can analyse all the data in your company in single program.

Meta Data

You can use “meta data” in the program.

OLAP Cubes

You have the OLAP cubes structures to easily access the data and conduct multi-dimensional analysis.

Mobile Access

The application has a mobile compatible infrastructure to access anytime and anywhere.


ETL is an information processing technology to transform the data in the external sources to usable information and reporting to upload into the warehouse. ETL property of Logo Ming shapes the data from multiple sources into a pre-determined format and eliminates time losses by sequencing the data for certain criteria.

Supervision Record

Logo Mind provides detailed authorization ranging between authorization properties to row-column security in the reports and access to the most advanced security technology.

Easy and Fast Access from Mobie Devices

Netsis Wings is developed in Logo 3 platforms and can be used on web browser independent from the operating system as it has a HTML 5 layer. You can use Netsis Wings on web browser and on your desktop according to your need. The system has a rich function coverage including effective and efficient management of company processes, decreasing errors in data processing process and providing instant access to information when employees are in decision making process.

Licensing with Yearly Subscription Model

With the yearly subscription model, you can have Netsis Wings, Enterprise Resource Planning Solution (ERP) and take advantage of the flexibility of this program by paying a yearly user based prices in addition to one time activation price. You can increase the number of users as your firm grows. Licencing with yearly subscription secures using a up-to-date and regulation compliant product instead of buying a license for one time and updating the program in the future.

Role Based Customizable Desktop

With Netsis Wings you can now define the commonly used operations as a shortcut icon on the desktop for user role, group and specially classify on the desktop Netsis Wings provides customizing options on the shortcut icons to increase the speed of the user and you can change the shortcut commands.

Aesthetically Designed Interface

Netsis Wings adopts intuitive and easy to use structure to provide an aesthetic design and makes the ERP experience more enjoyable.

Standard Package with Rich Functions and Optional Modules

In addition, standard package that is designed to meet all your needs, you can also select one of the optional packages to obtain the most suitable enterprise resource planning solution. Netsis Wings has comprehensive modules like Finance Management, Accounting Management, Sales Management, Foreign Commerce Management, Production Management, Material Management, Planning, Quality Control, Supply chain Management and can integrate into e-State, Business Analytics, CRM, Human Resources, and Supply Chain solutions to control all the process and increase the business productivity.