Netsis-Tiger Wings



Easy and Fast Access from Mobile Devices

Netsis Wings is developed in Logo 3 platforms and can be used on web browser independent from the operating system as it has a HTML 5 layer. You can use Netsis Wings on web browser and on your desktop according to your need. The system has a rich function coverage including effective and efficient management of company processes, decreasing errors in data processing process and providing instant access to information when employees are in decision making process.

Licensing with Yearly Subscription Model

With the yearly subscription model, you can have Netsis Wings, Enterprise Resource Planning Solution (ERP) and take advantage of the flexibility of this program by paying a yearly user based prices in addition to one time activation price. You can increase the number of users as your firm grows. Licencing with yearly subscription secures using a up-to-date and regulation compliant product instead of buying a license for one time and updating the program in the future.

Role Based Customizable Desktop

With Netsis Wings you can now define the commonly used operations as a shortcut icon on the desktop for user role, group and specially classify on the desktop Netsis Wings provides customizing options on the shortcut icons to increase the speed of the user and you can change the shortcut commands.

Aesthetically Designed Interface

Netsis Wings adopts intuitive and easy to use structure to provide an aesthetic design and makes the ERP experience more enjoyable.

Standard Package with Rich Functions and Optional Modules

In addition, standard package that is designed to meet all your needs, you can also select one of the optional packages to obtain the most suitable enterprise resource planning solution. Netsis Wings has comprehensive modules like Finance Management, Accounting Management, Sales Management, Foreign Commerce Management, Production Management, Material Management, Planning, Quality Control, Supply chain Management and can integrate into e-State, Business Analytics, CRM, Human Resources, and Supply Chain solutions to control all the process and increase the business productivity.