Oracle Crystal Ball



Oracle Crystal Ball

Crystall Ball is a easy to use simulation tool to help analysing the risks and uncertainties of the Microsoft Excel electronic table models by various industry professionals.

Generally, the models in MS Excel are deterministic. This means, the input is set as a constant value in a cell. Analysts can only see one solution at a time. It is a simulation of Monte Carlo and used to produce in fast way and to analyse multiple results. MS Excel cannot automatically run these simulations and MS Excel needs an Add-In like Crystal Ball to do this.

Stochastic variables in industrial models are used as building blocks. Although it is hard to estimate the exact values of the variables, and by considering these parameters, important information, analysis of past data and modelling is possible. Crystal Ball uses the probability distributions to define the behaviours of variables and provides an easy integration to excel model. Thus, a sophisticated model is created. Monte Carlo simulations test the model for various tries. Estimate values are send to various statistical report which enables frequency tables and estimation comparison.

Crystal Ball, makes the Monte Carlo models a reference tool for various industries. As NET1 we provide our customers Crystal Ball solution for a comprehensive estimation project experience.

Oracle Crystal Ball

Licence Consultancy and Sales

Companies and individual customers can order Oracle Crystal Ball licence directly from NET1 under the terms of Oracle. The advantage of working with NET1 is the excellent service and after sales where our employees are happy to answer all your questions.