Sky Atlas




High performance and reliable OpenStack cloud performance is in Turkey! We are using OpenStack that manages the largest IT infrastructures such as NASA, HP, Rackspace, and eBay. We are the first and only OpenStack cloud service provider in MENA region. With OpenStack that has a strong ecosystem behind the services and SkyAtlas expertise with innovations, we are providing enterprise level cloud services to our customers.

7x24x365 Expert Engineering Support.

We are offering 7x24x365 expert technical support with SkyAtlas cloud infrastructure. Our cloud engineers are ready to answer all your questions via e-mail, telephone, or online chat. We are finding fast and absolute solutions to your problems with our cloud expertise.

“Real” Cloud Infrastructure

We are offering a real cloud infrastructure rather than a virtual server. The real cloud system includes quality service to enterprises with cloud server, cloud storage, high security network infrastructure and much more.

Line Vertical Resize

The distinctive features of SkyAtlas that is visible in the international arena in addition to Turkey is our patented technology, Line Vertical Resize. Without any manual intervention, SkyAtlas cloud servers monitors the processor and memory requirements of your applications and can increase and decrease the processor and memory of cloud server in real time. Accordingly, you will pay as you use and you don’t need any additional planning. SkyAtlas will do it for you. Thus, you will spend the minimum amount for your IT infrastructure and function with full performance.

Infrastructure Management - Managed Services

Management of IT infrastructure is an operational and critical work. Monitoring the system, immediate intervention if there is a problem, updating, upgrading and other maintenance/management process should be periodically conducted. Let the expert SkyAtlas engineers manage your infrastructure. You can deal with your main focus and company.

High Accessibility

SkyAtlas offers high accessibility and security together. With Live migration and backup cloud infrastructure, you can securely work if there are any problems on your website, applications, and enterprise IT services.

Capsule Technology

All IT infrastructure is ready with just a few clicks using SkyAtlas capsules. Cloud infrastructure is not limited with hardware. The operating system on the servers, database, or application server should be installed and configured. SkyAtlas servers include capsules that are prepared by our cloud engineers just for your needs. When you are selecting a server, you can choose the appropriate capsule to save days or weeks.

High Security Network Infrastructure

SkyAtlas does not share the network infrastructure between customers. Your servers work in an isolated area from the networks of other customers. If you want, you can divide project or customers to sub-networks.

High Performance Cloud Servers

When you purchase SkyAtlas cloud servers, vCPU is not a physical processor that is shared with other customers. Your applications work on an Intel processor core specific for you. Accordingly, you will achieve the highest performance for your money.

SkyAtlas API.

All the operations and many more on the interface of SkyAtlas administrator can be done with SkyAtlas API and you can automatize all your work. SkyAtal API is compatible with RESTful.

Multiple Data Centre.

We are the only cloud provider that works with multiple data centres in Turkey. Thus, you can back up your IT infrastructure in data centres located in İstanbul and Ankara and achieve high availability for your applications. Disaster recovery and business continuity services of SkyAtlas can be installed in problem free and enterprise IT infrastructure.