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Smile with SM Planner

SM Planner is a web based Customer Relations Management application. Your assistant SM Planner includes all the data and functions you need to manage field operations and provide customer satisfaction. 

You have the control

Either you have a computer, a smart phone or tablet device, with the practical functions of SM Planner and Mobile CRM, control over the business and filed is between your fingers.

Kullanım Özellikleri Ve Sağladığı Kolaylıklar

With SM Planner, you can access all the information about current and potential customers and manage sales opportunities, offers, orders and pre-sales process with just a few clicks.

You can plan the distributor and field sales team meeting with customers using SM Planner and follow the processes. /p>

You can manage the after sales services and product demands for the customer with SM Planner and record all the stages of customer relations.

SM Planner offers a customer oriented solutions. You can add special photographs, firm logo, voice records, and documents for each customer, and you can decide which information you want to follow about the customer, product, offer or order.

You can assign scope and duties for sales representatives and dealers and maximize your sales/marketing performance with sharing walls, digital marketing, and poll systems.

Mobile SM Planner application is compatible with iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android operating systems and you can access all the data from anywhere you want.

It can work independently from ERP systems.

Integrated working with NETSIS ERP system.

You can transfer the customer, product, and communication information on MS Office Excel data archive of the company to SM Planner system.

You can also export the product, customer, and communication information in the system to MS Office Excel format.

Control of the frequently used pages with “My Page” screen.

Alternative communication options with SMS, e-mail and “Wall” applications

Easy access to frequently used products, customer information, activities, or e-mail with “Smart search” property.

Task assignment and reminder of the tasks to field team about the sales process

Following all the communication with the customers.

Automatic addition of sales activities and user tasks to MS Outlook or Google calendar.

Viewing customer, offers, products, and activity records in a single screen and unlimited note taking opportunities.

Independent reporting with “Report” module.

Turkish, English, and Russian language support.

Lock to the Target with SM Planner

Use your resources and budget effectively!

Each year a significant budget is reserved for marketing of services and products and brand promotion and we try to find new ways to build a healthy relationship with our customers. If you want to use your budget effectively, you should try SM Planner.

Transfer your “potential customer” lists created during direct marketing activities from MS Office Excel to SM Planner. Easily track the customers you have gained during these activities.

Define segments and categories when you archive current and potential customer information; manage all the communication information of the customer firm with tags.

Note how you reach the new customers when you are introducing yourself to the customer. You can have the opportunity to measure which marketing and advertising activities effectively helped you to gain new customers.

Determine which sales activities helped you to reach your objectives. Manage your marketing budget by measuring the effectiveness of your activities.

SM Planner will help you to record your competitors and competitor products. Use competitive sales methods on the current and potential customers that are in communication with your competitors.

Design detailed classification lists for your current and potential customers, use these lists when you are sending e-mails.

BYou can add web content to e-mails send in your one-to-one activities and view if the e-mails are read or not.

Archive all the cost information of fairs, seminars, advertisement events; classify your information with unlimited additional area and tag addition.

Your sales team should only focus on their work!

If your sales team is complaining about not being able to input organized records on the current CRM system and spending too much time on the editing, you don’t need to worry about these issues. With the practical structure of SM Planner that works synchronized with e-mail and calendar, record input and customer follow up is not a burden anymore.

Hear about the issues in your process with SM Planner and find a solution without losing any time.

  • The opportunities provided by Mobile CRM enables you to define customer address information and you will have an easier job as you query the closest customers. Thus, you can present current and familiar references to the potential customer who work in the same region.
  • You can view all the activities for current and potential customers and you can create new sales strategies.
  • For sales managers to monitor all the sales team activities and to assign tasks within the team members, provide team informative automatic e-mail notification system.
  • Sales teams can plan activities and tasks on the calendar in a practical way and can be notified for the planned tasks.
  • Hedefi olmayan gemiye hiçbir rüzgâr yardım edemez. Sm Planner ile hedefe kilitlenin!
  • Follow the sales process under “Opportunity”, “Offer” and “Order” titles and archive each documentation separately for each operation.
  • Create offers from an opportunity and transform these offers into order records.
  • Monitor which item or service is sold to who, at what price or recommended sales estimates.
  • When there is hot sales opportunities you can “create opportunities” and gain the ability to easily monitor the sales process.
  • Record the visits, presentations, meetings, and interview according to “opportunity”.
  • Monitor your development of sales possibilities on “opportunity history”.
  • Follow all the offer versions for the opportunities in a linked manner; add additional documents of the opportunities and offers to the system.
  • While monitoring which customer is interested in which products or services, design new sales opportunities for the target customers.
  • The termination date of the customers can be viewed to create opportunities; you can automatically create “new opportunities” for these customers and automatically inform the authorized personnel with e-mail.
  • FArchive how you win the opportunities or which competitor win the opportunities with just a few operations and share the reports with other users.
  • On demand, you can separately monitor product or service sales of sales team and dealers; immediately assign opportunities to dealers and receive automatic notification e-mails.
  • Monitor in-house and outer sales independently.
  • Transform the accepted offers into orders in a fast and practical way; notify your team as soon as possible.
  • Create special lists prior customers in your portfolio and send collective e-mail to these customers to notify about your promotions, new products, and services.

Control each detail, increase your service quality. The most important secret of a firm’s success is to create and manage customer satisfaction. You can follow the service processes provided to your customers with SM Planner, measure the performance of the support team and achieve a high service quality. 

You will know all the stages with SM Planner that will increase your service quality. You can instantly monitor the process and act on critical operations without losing any time.

Classify and monitor the customers for their products and services separately. 

Record all error, demand, complaint, and help demands from the customer, and archive the records according to products and services. 

Transmit the demands of the customers to the sales team with automatic e-mail notifications. 

View all the operations of the field team from the record history. 

Obtain a statistical graphic showing the open, resolved or closed demands. 

Graphically follow the forthcoming demands and don’t miss the chance to intervene on time. 

Measure the response speed of your service personnel. 

Know how punctual your service or supply personnel is; analyse and report the team performances.


Easily follow all the demands and complaints either with a positive or a negative outcome. 

Your customer should feel familiar.

To realize your objectives, you need help from your customers. Design surveys in the format and number you desire; send the surveys to specific customers or send as a collective e-mail.

Obtain the healthiest data for your Research and Development practises using “Customer Usage Habits” survey. 

Collect new orders with “Customer Demand Survey” and determine which product is demanded the most. 

You can determine the problematic areas through your process with “Service Performance Survey” and increase your quality standard. 

View survey analyses results and average scores, share the most up-to-date data with your field team and dealers.