T-HOS Law Automation System

T-HOS is a new generation Integrated and Modular law automation software that follows and manages late dues in Banks, Asset Management Companies and Subscription services (İGDAŞ, TEDAŞ, İSKİ etc.) and operates to quickly and effectively conducts lawsuit, levy, consultancy etc. law business, law firms, and sector independent firms (insurance, construction, logistic, textile etc.)

Advantages of Integrated and Modular Structure of T-HOS

The integrated modular structure of T-HOS enables to follow all legal business process to be followed with a single law automation. The software gather all the data in a single database in a secure way and thus managers can have better decisions from the healthy, easy, and fast reports created from the single database.

Only Law Automation System that is Sector Independent and 100% Compliant

Many different organizations and businesses such as Finance, Public, Private Sector Institution as well as Legal Offices and Subscription Structures (İGDAŞ, TEDAŞ, İSKİ etc.) can benefit from business processes of T-HOS and the system is the only law automation system that works 100% compliant.

Work Anywhere on the World Like You Are in Your Office with T-HOS

T-HOS is accessible from anywhere on the world and you can view all your information. This will give you time and flexibility in your business.

T-HOS Document / Digital Archive Management Module

With T-HOS Document / Digital Archive Management Module, document chaos in legal firms and departments are ending. T-HOS is moving all the documents to a digital platform and saving you from the chaos. You can access the document you are looking for with just few clicks.

T-HOS Business - Task Management and Reminder Module

You don’t need to memorize or write your critical business deadlines, trials, and many more on post-its. T-HOS Business - Task Management and Reminder Module will remained everything to you.

Your In-house Communication will be Stronger with T-HOS Messenger
Your in-house communication will be stronger with T-HOS Messenger and your telecommunication costs will decrease. You can provide in-house communication in addition to communication with the employees in the office when you are outside using the T-HOS Messenger.

T-HOS Safe Module

Following and reporting income and costs from lawsuits, levy, consultancy, and other legal work has never been as easy as with T-HOS Safe Module. You can create safe reports within seconds and show them to clients and managers.