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If you most important value is “human”, your biggest assistant is NetsisHr

As other resources in the company’s life cycle, you need to determine, position, and direct human resources effectively in line with the objectives of the company.

Nowadays, firms can easily access to technological tools and cost effective management applications under the dynamic competitive environment to gain a competitive advantage. Additionally, no matter how much you invest in your technology or provide automatic, intricate system automatizations, the core power lies with the human labour.

NetsisHR (Netisis Human Resources System) provides a high-performance HR department over internet/intranet and interactive application with modern vision. If we look from this perspective, Human Resource Management concept is an important factor to step forward under the harsh market conditions. Creating a prominent specialty in the company and training an expert in this field starts with finding the right person and placing this person to the right position in the company. The adaptation and training of the suitable person requires time and effort. Then, you need to retain the person you have invested in effort, money, and time.

The more detailed information you have for your employees, the more you will have an intimate relationship. Celebrating the special days of your employees and their families or finding a blood donor in an emergency situation is important for the happiness of the employees although they seem like insignificant details.

NetsisHR Entity Module will give you an opportunity to fully control the personnel system with these details.

  • The module can record comprehensive entity information and you can search necessary data and have the data you need without getting lost in detail.
  • You can define employee IDs and communication information (national identity and passport information, telephone number, cell phone number, e-mail), education background, certificates, work experiences, references, information about their relatives, size and driving licence information.
  • You can merge the data if multiple information card is created for an employee and you can use “reduce to single card” algorithm to prevent any additional cards for an employee.
  • You can follow the annual leave dates, remaining annual leaves of the employees, and analyse excuse, birth, death, marriage and moving leaves of the employee with Leave Automation.
  • You can monitor and enter sick reports (missing days), leave planning, leave demand, used leave dates and legal notification approval process with portal and application.
  • You can monitor the warning, penalty, and reward process from beginning to end and immediately report the development to an authority.
  • NetsisHR Entity Module is fully compatible with Netsis Pay Check Application, there is no need for data transmission between these two applications.
  • You can define geographical and operational organizational units of your personnel. Additionally, you can enter the country, state, providence, district, region, department, unit, position, level, and chief information of your employees.
  • You can archive all the organizational information to the personnel cards of the employees and record employment, assignment, promotion, termination date.
  • You can query which employee was in which department between which dates, the work force demand of units and related employment costs and cost items.
  • You can create the organizational chart of the firm from chief hierarchy.
  • Personnel Portal
  • You can monitor and print the employee pay check in the certain period.
  • You can create image supported messages to celebrate the important dates of your employees and their relatives, you can edit and transmit company announcements, procedure changes and regulations to any department.
  • If you have high employment rate you can use “who is who” application to query the employees and have a detailed information..
  • You can use the leave automation in the portal for integrated management of leave demands of the employees, chief approvals, usage information and cancellations.
  • You can demand training, give notices for a planned training, demand participation to training and remind the date of the training using the portal.
  • Employee Profile
  • You can define firm quality/competence catalogue and assign date for the competences.
  • You can define employee and position competences and create as much as profile you want.
  • You can match for empty positions and determine the most suitable candidates for the position.

This module is designed for pay check assessment operations and wage payments to be made according to legal legislations. On demand, you can use automatic accounting feature that provides distribution of expenses for working percentage.

With pay check module, you can transfer tally assessment operations to PDKS devices or other media; and create monthly tally according to daily attendance charts.

Payment of benefits, all legal expenses and nets are automatically calculated.

When you complete all the legal reports, net to gross calculations are easily computed, severance payment, on-line wage and advance payments can easily be transferred.

On demand, you can account expenses according to working percentages.

You can compute collective contracts and previous month wages as well as benefit differences and create legal forms.

Severance payment, severance amount for progress billing and notices period can be calculated and you can compute severance load from the documents.

You can record promotion and social benefits, promotion periods and automatically calculate wage and social benefits according to severance year.

You can automatically calculate defined benefits (holiday, fuel, child, collecting, family allowance, health and personal retirement insurance, food allowance, bonuses) according to legal exemptions of the corresponding month and issue a provision if there are months without payment.

Travel allowance and exemption indications rates defined by the government are supported. You can determine which account codes will be used in expense centres to amounts subjected to recognition.

Since Netsis ERP has interrelated modular structure, you can access recorded personnel information from Production, Production Flow Control and MRP Netsis modules and report the personnel in the production process in detail.

High Performance in Performance Tracking!

Become faster by transferring your Performance Valuation process to an electronic environment with NetsisHR. You can define the process on the system and control every step. Terminate the process in the planned schedule with the supervision of the system.