Warehouse Automation



The system is developed for business that operate their own material and goods warehouse, business that manufacture and supply production materials and firms that need warehouses for logistic operations.

Material placement, pulling out necessary materials for order, grouping and similar applications in the warehouses can ve done with computer controlled automatic or robotic systems.

Warehouse Management System enables to select the stored and pulled out goods with Barcode Systems and RFID systems.

Especially, Warehouse Management Systems provide support to automation system application in warehouse management.

System Advantages

  • You can use your warehouse effectively.
  • By addressing, the systems eliminates the product searches within the warehouse and eliminates the errors.
  • Speeds up all the process and saves you time and storage area.
  • Every process is recorded and can be retroactively monitored.
  • You can look forward with different reporting options.
  • Compared to classical warehouse applications, operational expenses can be decreased.